Expert Guides Along the Path to Decarbonisation

The first tool to manage CO₂e emissions and specialised consultancy to turn your logistics more sustainable and reduce your Carbon Footprint.

We believe that applying the most up to date carbon accounting methods is crucial to set realistic targets to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Research and Development

Keeping on the cutting edge is a core value.
We are active members of several R&D projects worldwide.


We support our customers during the whole process to achieve sustainable climate goals by organising ad hoc workshops, trainings and webinars:

- Spread awareness on the topic in your company and engage different functions

- Explore carbon footprint calculation advantages and methodologies in logistics course

- Explore decarbonization examples and technologies (e.g. intermodal switch, biofuels, SAF, ...)
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Our Values

We believe in the importance of measuring, monitoring and reducing direct and indirect emissions to aim for a more sustainable future.

Therefore, every year we calculate our corporate carbon footprint and try to reduce it by promoting green business behaviors, such as using public transportation, produce less waste, no paper, ecological cleaning products, energy saving actions.

The remaining emissions are offset, with the goal of improving our sustainability and achieving carbon neutrality.

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